Nature Magazine

Systems Consultant – Nature Magazine – September 2004 – October 2007

Working as a systems consultant at NPG, I wrote several applications to streamline the sales process. The Subscription Quote Application was a custom CPQ app able to build a quote based off 13,000 price points, yet was simple enough for sales reps to create dozens of quotes every day. SLURP2 was an order fulfilment application, and, at the time, processed around £150 million worth of transactions across the world annually. It acted as the upstream from the Subscription Quote Application and was in use until very recently (12 years running before retirement).

All work was carried out with the aid of a business analyst/tester/subject matter expert only.

Below are some screenshots of these applications. All applications were written in Perl using the Mason framework with a SQL Server 2003 backend running on Apache on a Win32 environment.

Subscription Quote Application

SLURP2(Order fulfilment application)


All figures shown above are test data, and in no way relate to actual sales figures