Automated cocktail maker

This automated cocktail maker is my biggest (in terms of size) build yet – the machine is built around a small fridge, and uses air pressure to force the drink into the nozzles in the serving hatch.

In order to make sure that the measures are being accurately poured, I use an HX711 scale/load sensor in the loading tray area, similar to this one here. This also detects when the glass has been inserted and removed. Beware, these are not I2C compliant…as I spent several hours trying to figure out. They need their own bus!

The motors for the project can be found by searching for “mini air pump motor” – the relay board is based on the MCP23008 and is controlled through I2C…you can also find these online fairly easily.

As with all my projects, the code is available in the project Github repository.

Alex Shakespeare